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Preventing Injuries Is No Accident

Greetings, my name is Joe Guzman. President of JG General Industry Safety & Health Consultants LLC. I have over three decades of successful hands-on experience in the Safety and Health field, enriched further by my military career. JG General Industry Safety Consultants is committed to providing comprehensive OSHA safety and health training services to enhance workplace safety and health standards to help your company follow and adopt OSHA regulations.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to identify potential hazards, formulate effective safety strategies, and implement proactive measures aimed at ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for employees. Our primary goal is to foster a culture of safety through promoting awareness among both workers and management.

We offer a range of services designed to help organizations achieve safety excellence. We firmly believe that all accidents and injuries can be prevented through proper training and implementation of effective safety measures.

One of our unique offerings is the ability to conduct facility and worksite safety assessments and develop safety training materials and programs in both English and Spanish promptly, tailoring them to the specific needs and topics relevant to our clients.

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U.S. Army Logistics and Material Management 
Middlesex County College HR
University Of South Florida (USF OTIEC): OSHA 500 & 501
OSHA General Industry Safety & Health Authorized Trainer
Health Safety Institute (HSI): CPR/AED, First Aid Instructor
Palm Beach Safety Council 
National Safety Council: Defensive Driving Instructor
American Society of Safety Engineers
Americans Disabilities Act (ADA)
FEMA: IS700a, ICS200c, IS800d


Government: We work with government agencies to help them establish and maintain high safety and health standards within their operations, ensuring the well-being of their employees and the communities they serve.

Insurance Industry: We collaborate with insurance companies to reduce Workers' Compensation Costs by providing expert safety consultation services that mitigate workplace risks and accidents.

Manufacturing: Our services are tailored to the manufacturing sector, where safety is paramount to prevent accidents,enhance productivity, and ensure the quality of products.

Distribution Centers: Distribution centers and warehouses rely on us to optimize safety procedures, reduce workplace hazards, and streamline operations to meet the demands of a fast-paced environment.

Food Industry: Food industry clients benefit from our expertise in maintaining strict safety and hygiene standards to ensure the production of safe, quality food products while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Transforming workplaces with expert guidance

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